New Life Christian Fellowship Narrabri started in 1996 as the result of a small group of people responding to the call of God to start something new. We believe that there is a need for a new style of church as we head towards the new millennium.

Our pastors, Keith and Margaret Bates, previously served as ministers in the Uniting Church in Australia. The path of the Uniting Church towards an unbiblical tolerance of sexual impurity was a factor in leaving the denomination. But our main concern was to follow the call of God to establish a new church.

Numerous prophecies have been spoken over us indicating that God wants to send a great revival to this nation and in particular to the town of Narrabri. We have a vision of building a church of 1,000 members over time.

The great concern that we have as a church is to establish a community of believers who are able to demonstrate the unconditional love of God through words, actions, attitudes and prayer.

God is alive! God is powerful! God is holy and loving.