Prophetic Words

Some months ago I had a picture of a battle line of soldiers facing rows of trees. Beyond the trees smoke was rising.


Suddenly from behind the trees came speeding a new-looking four wheel drive towing an old green caravan. The vehicle spun around and came to a stop in a cloud of dust behind the line of soldiers.


Jesus stepped out of the vehicle and it was made clear, though no words were spoken, that He was staying until the job was done.


I'm believing now that we often can't see past the trees- what is right in front of us- to the real spiritual battle beyond, but Jesus will never leave us.


Don't give up. Jesus is with us until the battle is done.


 Praise Him. Lift His name high!

Lift your voices

Praise Him loudly.


Remember when you were a child and your parents would say something you didn't want to hear and you'd put your hands over your ears and go, "La la la. I can't hear you!"


Like wise when the devil is trying to put thoughts in your head and confuse you, lift up the name of Jesus in praise. You can't hear satan while you're praising the Lord, and satan won't be there when you're in God's presence.


It's just like "La la la. I can't hear you satan. I belong to Jesus!"

 Don't just accept your faith, BELIEVE your faith and LIVE your faith


Matthew 17:20 says if you have faith the size of a mustard seed you can move a mountain from here to there nd nothing will be impossible for you.


Believe. Truly believe and NOTHING will be impossible for you.


That person you are praying for to be healed-- Be healed in the name of Jesus.


Whatever has you shackled-- Chains be broken in the name of Jesus.


Let your faith rise and increase.


Believe-- in Jesus nothing is impossible.


My child, my word for this community is this- strength. My strength is amazing and will overcome all things.There is strength in gentleness, strength in power. 


Do not be deceived that I am weak and powerless. My power is mighty, and you see it working all the time. Every morning when the sun rises and every evening when the it sets, it does so on my command. On my command the earth spins. And this same power can release you from all situations, all problems. Place your trust in me and know that you can call on me and I will set you free. I will breakk all your bondages.

f0698 bigtoe

No Insignificant Part- Chrissy Baldwin

July 9th 2016

Take my hand, let me lead you, beckoned the Lord

I awoke and said, “Lord bless this day”, He smiled and said, “I bless every day. Some days you just don't take as much notice.”

When we needed to consider our church as a body and how all parts of the body serve a purpose, someone felt they were an inadequate body part, “a big toe.” The Lord wants you to know that the big toe serves a fundamental purpose in balancing the body while standing. It also provides additional leverage to the foot whole walking or running.

Other “useless” body parts:

  • tonsils- fight bacteria

  • adenoids- produce antibodies that help fight infections

  • appendix- acts as a safe haven for helpful bacteria. The body can use this to reboot the immune system.

A very powerful demon spirit in the form of a young girl had a very powerful hold of control of a house. It was so powerful that people who she didn't want to approach the house were stopped and even killed.

My prayers directed at her had no effect on her.

I though about hitting her with my staff (a stick, really) but I thought that would look bad- me hitting a girl with a stick. So I started song praying- singing prayer and commands towards her.

She mocked me and taunted me and laughingly ran from me around and through the house.

At first nothing happened, but slowly it seemed that she wasn't as carefree as she had been before.

As I kept persisting in my song prayer- it took a while- she didn't have quite as much power, and my praying singing seemed to have more authority. This continued until my prayer song has much more effect. I took her staffs away from her. She had two of them, although I seemed to end up with four staffs that I was swinging around.

By now I had some control of where she went. I commanded that she could not enter and so could stop her from going into the house.

Although she was still outside, the demon was quite worried now.


Building A Community- Rozina Mison

July 9th 2016

My hand is on this church, this congregation, this people. You have believed that you are doing a new thing, but in fact it is not a new thing. It has been revealed to people who walked before you. It has been forgotten. My people have chosen to believe half-truths and lies rather than trust in revelations given to generations past.

The need for community is buried deep inside each person. It was the first revelation given to man when I gave Eve to Adam that they may not be alone. For so long people have not walked in this, and have not trusted this revelation. This has allowed the orphan spirit to take hold.

Believe the revelation. Believe that you are made for community. Believe that you were made for each other. This is not something new, the truth is inside each of you. Grasp hold of the truth and teach it to generations to come that I might reveal new mysteries to them.

There is nothing I will not reveal to my people. Seek to open your eyes, to see and to hear. Do not be blinded by others or by ignorance. Learn from those who have gone before. Honour those who have walked with me. Their legacy belongs to you. Build on it and leave a bigger legacy for your children.